Thursday, October 18, 2012

OUTFIT: Mixing And Matching

Can you feel how ZARA, H&M and these kind of brands are influence us these days?
Look at me, I am wearing here about 90% of ZARA clothes. Well, I am not saying that is bad, I love ZARA, seriously, I even can tell you right away which cloth is from ZARA lol (I think a lot of you as well)
But, on the other hand because of such a love to ZARA, I refuse and lose the chance to go and check out other brands, which I never saw or even I did see, I don't really go. Like sometimes I go to eye-shop, and find out a lot of pretty cool shops, then I start to think 'Oh I should come here and shop here', but reality is....when I actually go to shopping, my feet just take me to ZARA again..
When people look at me and ask me which brand am I wearing? Like 98% of my answer is ZARA.
It even makes me a little bit shy, sometimes, I don't really know why.
I never thought that ZARA could make this much, like recently the prices are getting higher and higher, I can't even understand why? I guess, because of consumer needs are high? Because there are a lot of buyers? Or what? Even though I know it doesn't really worth that price, I can't help but go and pay it, again and again. Is it good to shop in one place always? Or, is it better to go in few different ones?Hmm..

(Sunglasses- Karen Walker; Shirt, Skirt, Jacket, Boots- ZARA; Bag- Coach
Silver Wing Ring- Forever21; Little wings ring- Harajuku Paris Kid
Rabbito iPhone case; Lipstick -Maybelline New York)

Cherishing my life, wish you the same!